Will I See My Husband Again After Death? | Dream Visitations

Will I See My Husband Again After Death?

Question: Will I see my husband again after death?

If you have ever lost a person you truly loved, you may be able to feel his presence near you. More often than not, if your deceased husband visits you, you’ll notice the subtle signs that he leaves behind.

You may start to notice strange things that may happen without any explanation. But don’t be afraid, it is likely that he is just letting you know that he is still watching over your even though is he already “gone”.

Will I See My Husband Again After Death? But How?

It is possible to see your husband again after death. But the encounter may come in many forms. The most common one is dream visitation, where your deceased husband visits you in your dreams.

Occasionally, you may also be able to smell something that you associate him with. This could be a whiff of his favorite cologne, aftershave or even tobacco.   

Other times, you may hear his voice, or feel a warm feeling of his peaceful presence beside you, or even have an intuitive feeling that he may have just walked into the living room.

Everyone’s experiences are different but my advice is to accept these occurrences and take them positively. Usually, the main reason why a deceased husband visits, is because he still misses you and is just checking in on you to see how you’re coping.

Do know that it is just his way of letting you know that you’re not alone and he is watching over you. This helps you keep your sanity while you wonder if he’ll still love you even after death.

At the beginning, it may be difficult to accept feeling his presence without being able to see him, but it gets easier and eventually you will feel comfortable in his presence.

My Experience With Dream Visitations

After losing my husband Rick to cancer, he appeared in my dreams one night, and ever since, I’ve had numerous “visits”. In my dreams, we usually update one another about our lives and shared what are some of the new experiences we’ve had.

From what I’ve gathered from both my experiences and from others as well, your first dream visitation by your husband usually involves him telling you about his time in heaven. This is because the experience is still fresh and he is able to explain everything in detail.

Here are some things about life in heaven, that I recall my husband sharing:

  1. When you first arrive in heaven, you’ll be greeted by others who passed on before you. Friends and family will welcome you and you’ll be ushered into an orientation area.
  2. If you arrived in heaven disabled in any way, you’ll find yourself immediately whole again. If you were blind, you now have sight and if you were deaf, you will now be able to hear.
  3. God’s angel who will ask on his behalf, at what age were you the happiest in your life. After you’ve given your answer, your physical form will look that age forever.
  4. God subsequently assigns you duties to be a guardian angel for children being born at the moment.
  5. God allows visitation to earth occasionally but visitations have to be brief.
  6. Everyday in heaven is a glorious day, filled with music, cloud and arts.
  7. In heaven, you’re no longer part of a single family dynamic but instead you live in harmony with everyone else. Everyone is like a brother or sister. Everyone lives together in peace and there is no coupling in heaven.

If you’re yearning to see your husband in your dreams, be patient. Your time will come when the time is right. God has it all planned out.

I understand that the loss of a husband is more than just an emotional blow, it wrecks havoc in our lives and it changes our lifestyle. Leaning on faith and believing in life after death helps you to cope with the loss.

Some People May Think That We Are Crazy

There will be people who think that we are crazy for believing in such things. They think that we’re “imaging” or “just making stuff up” to make ourselves feel better. I can completely understand why they think this way – it’s either you believe in these things or you don’t.

It is an undeniable fact that there is no way of proving such spiritual events actually happened, but I believe that once you have experienced feeling the presence of your deceased husband near you, there can be no mistake that he is really with you in spirit.

Moving Forward Without Your Deceased Husband

Even when you can feel your deceased husband’s presence beside you (or being with you in spirit), you still have to get through the entire grieving process.

It is not going to be easy and you can take my word for it.

Be patient and take your time, because the grieving process is a long and winding road.

Feeling your husband’s presence during this time can be a bit of a mixed blessing because it often makes the longing to see them even greater.

Don’t forget to accept all the help and comfort offered to you during this period of grief. Find something or some way that will give you the motivation to get up and out of bed every single day and keep yourself engaged.

I learned that I needed to work really hard and lean on my friends during this period. I also started educating myself on how to cope with grief and started spending more time with friends when grieving just got too difficult.

If you feel that you are slipping into depression or anxiety and that you don’t have the ability to cope, please do go and see your doctor. You should also consider speaking with a bereavement counselor. The last thing you want to do is to suffer in silence.