Why Did God Take My Daddy? He was A Good Man & A Christian

why did god take my daddy

Why did God take my Daddy when he was not only a very good person but also an excellent Christian?

Even when things were working out for us, he still had hope and faith in God, believing everything will turn out fine regardless of circumstances.

He also wasn’t your typical Dad. Even though he held a hectic job as a corporate lawyer, he was there for us during the good times, the bad times and many other times in between. He was a good Dad who was a friend, a protector, an advisor in life and a true inspiration.

My Story

For 26 years, I have been lucky to be able to call my Dad my best friend. On July 21st 2019, he was taken from me and the rest of my wonderful family.

It started with Dad having problems urinating. After much convincing from Mom and my other 2 siblings, he went to the doctor. The doctor diagnosed him with an enlarged prostate and was advised to remove 70% of it. The procedure was fairly easy as there was no cancer in the prostate.

Two years later, he started suffering from pain in his groin area, which slowly crept up his back and then his shoulders as the days passed. He was always so tired and barely had the energy to get out of bed.

We went to the doctors again, but this time, things were different. The results were late stage prostate cancer that metastasized into his bones.

After spending one week at home on the hospital bed, constantly in pain and torture from the cancer, he passed away surround by his 3 kids and wife of 27 years.

I had a very good relation with my father. We weren’t the overly affectionate type, but always greeted with a hug and always told each other “I love you’. He knows more about me than anyone else in the family – a lot of deep secrets, some of which, I feel like it was a burden to him.

There were periods (especially during the high school and college years) that we grew apart.

After his passing, I was overwhelmed with regret, guilt and grief. I could have called so much more, visited so much more and could have put in a lot more effort to create more special and intimate moments. So why did God take my Daddy away?

Why Did God Take My Daddy

It’s because God knows best.

While I have been searching for answers, I still can’t explain his purpose, and no explanation can remove a child’s grief.

However, I do believe that God’s ways are the best and one day, we will have a much clearer answer.

I have seen older loved ones who suffered a concoction of terminal illness over an extended period of time. Sometimes, I wished God could take them home sooner to rid them from the physical pain that they suffer.

But if you look at it from a different perspective, God probably has a purpose for them up till their very last moment in life.

If death only took the older folks and the sick, then our lives would have become a lot more complacent and feel that we have all the time in the world to live the way we want.

Losing someone helps us to realize that life is too fragile and that it can come crashing down on you at any given moment. It helps us to remember what is truly important in life and reminds us not to take anything for granted.

God often use waning health and vitality to increase the impact on others who would benefit by caring for an elderly.

Speaking from experience, my father and I got a lot closer during his final years, when he needed my help – even for the simple stuff.

We Only Grieve Over Those We Care About

Think about it, we only grieve over those we know and care about. For those that we are unfamiliar with, there will not be tears, heavy hearts and not even a word of condolences to the family.

For those who we love deeply, their passing will be crippling. Unfulfilled dreams rise to haunt us, lost hopes and opportunities haunt our memories.

A mixture of love and sorrow sweeps over our soul when we grieve.

But the truth is, there isn’t much of a difference dying at a young age or living till 100 years old. What separates us is what we have done with the time given to us by God. The number of years that we live aren’t really important in the end. What matters most is how we spent those years.

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Unforgettable Lessons Learnt From Dad’s Death

There were many unforgettable lessons I learnt after Dad’s death. Death teaches you:

  • People aren’t meant to stay on earth forever. No one ever will.
  • You are always alone on this journey of life. You got to be thankful for the passersby who joined you along your journey and made the journey easier for you.
  • You’ll learn that irrespective of your material attachments, life is too short for you to be taking your loved ones for granted.
  • Wonderful moments can end suddenly, without any prior notice.
  • You’ll learn that time stops for no man. We are all here to play a specific role. You’ll continue to live life even when your loved ones go away. After the death a loved one, you’ll mourn for days, but eventually will move on with life.
  • Not to be too clingy or attached to anything or anyone. You’ll learn that nothing belongs to you.
  • Everything in life momentary; whether you’re feeling happy or feeling the pain, it will end as quickly as it started.

God Is the Author for All Life on Earth

Every one of us comes to earth to serve a specific role and to have a specific job in people’s life. I believe those who have completed their work soon, leaves first.

My father was in a good place, he was satisfied with his work (being a responsible father, who cared for his family emotionally and financially) so he returned to the Lord.

God is the only author of life. If He gives life to all, He can also take it back any time in any way or form He wishes to.

People die all the time, some live to 100 years old while others die at birth. Why do some people die of cancer while others die in a tragic car accident?

God gave us life, so he has every right to take it back when He deems fit. The terms of our life are in His hands and definitely not ours. But the good thing is, I believe God has a plan for all of us. His plan might not seem perfect for us, but there is probably a reason as to why He had to put us through this – and only time will tell.

Keep our heads high and move forward. And have a little faith in God’s plans.

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