Writing A Tribute To My Dad My Hero (20+ Quotes and 15+ Ideas)

Tribute To My Dad My Hero

This post is a tribute to my Dad my hero. Fathers do so much for their families and their efforts don’t go unnoticed. They work tirelessly day and night to make sure their family needs are met – both financially and emotionally. The death of a father is a huge loss to a family.

There isn’t an explanation as to why God would take our Dads away and unfortunately it is the sad reality of life which is inevitable.

Paying tribute to your Dad can be a good way to help you heal your grieving heart and to help you move forward in life.

However, writing a tribute can be difficult as your heart is still in grief. I have taken the time and effort to compile quotes and ideas below, which will hopefully help you in writing a sensational tribute for your late father.

26 Quotes For The Late Father: A Tribute To My Dad My Hero

Posting and sharing tributes online will give others an opportunity to provide their condolences and share memories of your Dad that you may not have known. Reading these stories that they share will remind you how good a person your Dad was while he was still alive – which will help you in the grieving process.

Using quotes to express your thoughts is also a good way to help you connect with your Dad. Here are some quotes you can consider posting on social media along with his photos.

6 Quotes For Fathers Being A Child’s Best Friend

  • Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone who is special to be a Dad
  • Fathers are usually the first friend you make and the longest one you keep
  • Fathers are best friends who ease the burdens of those he loves
  • Dear Dad, you’re the bravest friend I have ever met. You have shown me how to be strong with my heart, mind, body and soul. And most importantly, to stay true to myself
  • My Dad is the friend who taught me how to treat others with kindness and always be generous with everyone
  • Your Dad is your best friend who will see you in your proudest moment and also at your worst

6 Quotes For Brave & Courageous Dads

  • Being a “father” is the noblest title a man can receive. It is more than a biological role, but rather it signifies a patriarch, a leader, a confidant and a hero
  • The quality of a father is not determined by the goals, dreams and aspirations that he sets for himself but also for his family
  • Dads are just ordinary men who have been turned by the love of his family into heroes and soldiers
  • A father is neither an anchor that holds us back nor a sail that drifts us to a particular destination. But instead, he is a guiding light whose love will show us the way
  • She did not stand alone in fear, but what stood behind her was an invisible pillar of love from her father
  • Dear Dad, my mind still talks to you and my heart still looks for you but my soul knows that you’re already at peace

14 Quotes For Inspirational Dads

  • The true value of a loving father has no price
  • A father’s love is eternal, just like an endless flowing river
  • Only the best Dads in the world let their children fly and only the most loved children in the world will soar. Thank you Dad for giving me wings!
  • Fathers are patient, kind and loving. But my Dad is more than these to me!
  • When a father speaks, his children only hear the love messages in his voice
  • A father is half of his children, so he’ll know you better than you might even know yourself – relying on his wisdom gathered through life
  • When I grow up and become half the person my Dad was, then I’ll consider my life a success
  • A hero is a person who gives his all without having a thought for himself. Thankfully, I had a father who never hesitated to give his all. He is my true inspirational figure
  • Even when the faith in myself faltered, my father’s faith in me was unwavered. Thank you Dad for enabling me to be the person I have become today
  • Dads are real life superheroes who leap through obstacles to protect their child from danger
  • The lessons that my Dad taught me cannot be learned in schools. Dads are life’s most influential teachers
  • The guiding light from my father has been proven to be the brightest star in the night, leading me through life’s greatest adventure
  • The biggest storm in a child’s heart is calmed by the soothing waves in the sea of the father’s love
  • When you find a father who loves his child, you’ll find the sparks of joy in his life

15 Reasons To Thank Your Father: A Tribute To My Dad My Hero

Thank you Dad for:

  • Giving me the privilege of knowing what it feels like to be loved unconditionally
  • Providing me with a never ending sense of physical protection and emotional security whenever I am with you
  • Constantly showering me with heartfelt hugs and lending a listening ear whenever I am feeling down
  • Teaching the importance of health and exercise – finding a balance in life
  • Leaving work early and be present at all my school events
  • Being an overprotective Dad, who save me from multiple potential heartbreaks.
  • Teaching me the power of humor and how it can be effectively use to diffuse conflicts and break the ice
  • Always telling me that I am beautiful regardless of age and weight
  • Working so hard for 30 years of your life to provide our family with a comfortable life
  • Teaching me the importance of humility and generosity
  • Stressing the importance of education. When you went back to college for your second’s master’s degree, you showed me that it is never too late for a career change
  • Never lying to me and taught me the true value and meaning of trust
  • Teaching me the importance of acceptance. To accept those who are different or not like you, eg. Sexual orientation or different social behavior, etc.
  • Accepting my flaws and making me feel like I am good enough
  • Demonstrating the traits of a fine gentleman for my son to learn and take after

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