I Wish Heaven Had Visiting Hours Dad, So I Could….

i wish heaven had visiting hours dad

I wish Heaven had visiting hours Dad, there is so much to say after you left us…

If you have ever lost a loved one before, you’ll understand how tough life can be.

But if you have just lost a Dad, getting through this bleak period is going to be a challenge.

After my Dad died, I found myself staring at his empty couch, praying to God, pleading and asking if my Dad could just have another day with the family. I find myself doing this often, almost every weekend and during each holiday since my junior year of high school.

But of course, it is not just the weekend or the holidays that I’ll miss my Dad in Heaven. Each time I smell Dad’s cologne or hear his favorite Beatles song playing, the feeling of missing Dad comes back instantly.  

The grieving process was tough – especially when you have friends who don’t really understand your grief. You go through periods of denial, anger and depression. And toggling between these three emotions can be really tiring.

What I found that really helped with my grieving process was to join a grief support group and to engaged a grief therapist. Sometimes moving on in life isn’t just about waking up one day and deciding you that “you had enough and are ready to move on”. It takes effort and commitment to come to terms with the loss.

For me, speaking to a grief therapist gave me and outlet to speak my mind, without being judged.

This Is Why I Wish Heaven Had Visiting Hours Dad

This is why I wish Heaven had visiting hours Dad, here is what I would do:

  • Reschedule my day to work around Heaven’s operating hours. Leaving my phone behind, along with other responsibilities that I may have., telling everyone not to worry and I would be back soon after visiting with Dad.
  • I would pack a bag of things to show Dad how much he have been missed since he left. In the bag, it would be stacks of pictures with friends and family, letters that I have written for Dad, etc.
  • I would make my way up to Heaven to see Dad for the first time in many years. Imagining that Dad would be at the entrance, wearing his favorite basketball jersey, with his eyes brightly lit, with no more pain or sadness. I expect his smile to be bigger than before with all signs of illness gone.
  • When I do see Dad, I had hugged him tightly and never wanting to let go. It had been such a long time since I’ve felt so secured and protected.
  • I would take you to a kitchen to make your signature fluffy pancakes using the recipe that you have left behind. Throughout the years, I have always made pancakes (using your recipe) for myself whenever I was feeling down. The buttery after taste reminds me of the wonderful times we had every weekend.
  • I would tell you about the nights that I cried so hard just because I missed having you around the house and also missed having late night talks with you.
  • I would tell you about the fun and laughter that Mom and I were somehow able to share since you have been gone, so that you know exactly what we have been up to.
  • I would also tell you about my friends who have been very supportive since you have been gone. Life without you hasn’t been easy and I am sure you have been all of it from up above.
  • I’d pull out every item from my bag that reminded me of you and your presence. For example, I still wear the clover earrings that you bought me when I was a kid. And I still remember why you bought them – because you believed that clovers were good luck charms and that you wanted me to always be the lucky one.
  • I would show you pictures of Mom and I. We’re now closer than ever since you have been gone. We hang out for dinner at least once a week despite my busy schedule and we talk about you all the time. Our family continued to be strong despite the losses that we had.
  • I would catch you up on all the gossips that is happening at home, our neighbors, our neighbors’ kids, etc. We could spend the whole day doing the things we used to do when you were still around. We could play fetch with your goldie “Muffin” if you still remember him. While he is getting older now, and his legs aren’t as strong as he used to be, but he is still as playful as ever.
  • We could make a scrapbook of all our adventures while I visit you in Heaven. This would allow me to cherish and relive the moment once more when I go back home. We could blast your favorite songs from the Beatles like how we used to do it in the living room while making the scrapbooks.
  • If Heaven had visiting hours Dad, I would stay until the visiting hours are over each day. I would cherish every moment and every second. We could watch my favorite show “Friends” for the 100th time with you.
  • Lastly, if Heaven really had visiting hours, I would swing by to tell God how much my heart has been broken and shattered since you have been gone. I would also question God why did he take my Dad away.


You will truly never know when a person’s time on Earth will be up, so make sure you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you while you still can.