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How Can I Talk To My Dead Husband?

Question: How can I talk to my dead husband?

Losing a husband changes our identity. We tend to define ourselves by our relationship, work and etc. Many couples define themselves as just a couple, a singular unit. It’s not me, it’s we. 

One common theme among people who have lost their husbands is the debilitating effect of feeling entirely alone and incomplete.

The sense of feeling like you have lost an essential part of you is painful and heart wrenching. The world suddenly feels like a different place. You’re unsure how to cope with life and may even wonder if its worth trying.

Attempting to connect and communicate with tour husband who has just passed on can be incredibly beneficial to your grieving process. It also helps to strengthen the bond with your deceased husband.

You start to feel less alone, you stop wondering if they still love you because you know that they’re watching over you, etc.

Here are some ways you can connect with your deceased husband and keep the bond alive:

These are some ways where you can communicate with your husband while keeping your husband’s memory alive and feel close to him even though he is no longer physically around.

Do whatever feels right for you, and never be afraid to experiment until you’ve found what works best for you. Everyone has different experiences and everyone’s way of communication is unique.

How Can I Talk To My Dead Husband?

Writing Letters

You can communicate with your deceased husband by writing letters to him. Writing letters to your deceased husband keeps him alive in your heart, ensuring that his love for you never dies.

This is one of the methods used in grief therapy which helps with healing. Crafting a letter can be easy and intuitive for some, but not so much for others. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Find a quiet room where you feel comfortable writing. If you prefer the outdoors, find a quiet spot by the lake or a river.
  • Choose your preferred medium to write on. It could be a notebook, journal, iPad/tablet or even on the backside of a recycled piece of paper.
  • Start penning down your thoughts and emotions. Release all judgments and write your letter freely.
  • Take your time to write the letter and be honest with your feelings.

You can consider writing about:

  • Your experiences you have been through since your husband passed on
  • The favorite memory that you once shared with your husband
  • Anything and everything that has happened since your husband passed on
  • Share about how you’ve grown and changed as person
  • Tell your deceased husband about how you intend to continue honoring his memory
  • Write about things you missed or regret since your husband died
  • Write about the issues in your relationship which you wished you had resolved before your husband died
  • Talk about the beautiful moments and how much you appreciate him as a husband

After you have written the letter, place the letter either at your husband’s favorite place in the house, or at his final resting place. After your deceased husband receives the message, he may choose to respond to your letter via dream visitations.

Dream visitation is an experience where your deceased husband visits you in your dream to send you a message.

Speaking To Him Through Your Mind

You can also speak you your husband through the power of your mind. The ability to talk to your deceased husband is not limited to a professional medium.

This ability lies within anyone who is able to heighten her spiritual awareness. However, this may take time and practice before you can connect and communicated to your husband:

  • Choose a location where you are able to sit silently and free of distractions.
  • Clear and calm your mind as you put yourself into a meditative state.
  •  Empty your mind of anxiety and deep thoughts.
  • Try to picture an image of your deceased husband in front of you in your mind. The clearer the image that you have in your mind, the easier it is to establish the connection.
  • Once you have a firm image of your husband in your mind, you may start the conversation with him. Ask one question at a time. Be patient and wait until you receive a reply from your husband. Make sure that you’re certain that these answers did not just come from your own mind.

If you are hesitant or skeptical about speaking to your deceased husband, you can always talk to him without asking for any answer in return.

Mirror Gazing

Mirror gazing is another technique used to communicate with your deceased husband. Similarly, it uses the power of your mind to establish a connection with him.

  • Find a quiet and bright spot in your room. Place a mirror upright in front of you as you find a place to sit.
  • Calm your mind as your rid yourself of anxiety, intense emotions or unrelated thoughts.
  • Focus your mind on your deceased husband and close your eyes. Imagine that he is ready to appear in front of you.
  • Once his image holds steady in your mind, slowly open your eyes and look into the mirror. Imagine that your reflection is what your deceased husband would see.
  • Speak to him freely with and open heart. Ask your questions but do not force any answers.
  • Anything answers that comes to your mind, may be what your husband is trying to tell you.

Speaking To Him At His Resting Place

This is the most common technique used by many to speak with a deceased family member.

  • Start by visiting your deceased husband at his final resting place.
  • Bring a foldable chair, flashlight, drinks and some of his favorite food when you visit.
  • Find somewhere comfortable while you sit beside his grave.
  • Speak to him normally as though you would if he was still alive.
  • You may ask him questions or get his opinion on things; this is where the flashlight comes into play.
  • Guide the conversation by giving him option: Let him know when to flicker the flashlight to signal an answer.
  • A simple way is to ask yes or no questions
  • Spirits are known to have the ability to interfere with the electromagnetic waves to flicker/turn on and off lights.

Looking At Old Photos And Remember Happy Moments

By simply looking at old photos and focusing on an image of your deceased husband, it is not enough to form a connection. You’ll need to:

  • Stimulate yourself to be in a calm meditative state while being present in the current moment
  • It helps by holding a picture of you and your husband in your hand
  • Gradually bring your senses into a soft focus in which you begin to be less aware of your surroundings
  • Once your physical awareness becomes dulled, try to sense your husband presence around you.
  • When you feel his presence, try asking questions.
  • Typically, any answers you receive will not come to you in a form of words but rather images and emotions.

Engaging A Medium For Spiritual Communication

Engaging a Medium to help connect you with your deceased husband is the easiest way to talk to your husband. Mediums are well versed in connecting anyone with the spirits of the dead. You can usually get in touch with a medium by searching for a contact online or through a phone book. Typically, you can choose to work with a medium either at his or her work place, or you can have the medium come by your place.

Do be extremely wary about the medium you choose to work with as not every medium is legitimate. As with anything else, there are scam artist out there so be sure to do your own research and proper due diligence.

  • Research a medium before scheduling an appointment; look for reviews of his or her service
  • Try to verify if he or she is a real deal
  • Take note if the medium is leading you on with questions and having you provide the answer they claim to be offering

Is it OK to talk to my dead husband?

It is very normal and acceptable for a person to talk to her deceased husband after he has passed away.

Some people find closure after they have spoken to their deceased husband, while others finds it therapeutic and it helps them cope with grief.

Grief is hard work and I often encourage people to speak to an empty chair (imagining their husband is there) in an effort to help them cope with grief. Many people experience a sense of disbelief after they have lost their husband, by allowing yourself to speak out loud to your deceased husband; it helps you resolve that disbelief.

 There isn’t a right or a wrong way to do it, so do whatever feels natural for you. The most important thing is that you are honest with yourself and with your deceased husband.

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