Does My Deceased Husband Still Love Me? Are There Any Signs?

Question: Does my deceased husband still love me? How do I know, and what are some signs?

Losing a husband can be devastating, be it the death being sudden or following a chronic terminal illness. 

One day you are married and the following day you’re suddenly single, alone, and grieving.

You’ll probably start to feel overwhelmed, anxious and struggle with intense emotions due to the lifestyle changes.

If you’re wondering if your deceased husband still love you, the short answer is yes! This is because the love between a couple is eternal.

Does My Deceased Husband Still Love Me?  A Couple’s Love Is Eternal

While there isn’t any real “evidence” supporting it, from a biblical and spiritual sense, most people believe that spouses who have passed on still love their partners.

God Created The Gift Of Marriage

Let us create mankind in our image. And he created them male and female.”

God created man, woman, and the gift of marriage. God speaks of his wife, our eternal mother and the bond of a couple never ends. 

All we need to do is to believe, stay positive and be patient. God has it all planned out. Believe that you and your husband will have a wonderful reunion eventually and believe that you’ll be able to make a perfect world that never ends.

However, it is the “wait” to be able to reunite together again which is the most difficult part of the journey, but it will be worth it.

You shouldn’t have the mindset that your husband is already dead, and love ends here.

He isn’t dead because no one actually dies. The body that locks our conscious energy in this dimension is what ceases to function upon death, but the person’s soul continues, entering into the eternal realm. 

Consciousness is only one of the forms of energy. Energy never ends and it can only be changed from one form to another.

Your husband will prepare your home and be waiting for your arrival. Continue to stay positive and you’ll not be disappointed. 

Love Never Fails

From another biblical perspective, a passage from Corinthians 13 says:

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

As this verse suggest, love will never die nor will it fail.

However, what the bible does not say is that someone specific like your husband who has passed on, will love you the same way as when he was alive. This is open to interpretation, so I’m not going to tell you which one to believe in. 

But from an emotional standpoint, it is quite clear that a husband will continue to love his wife after he has passed on and that’s all that matters.

If you still feel that love that only you and him shared while he was still alive, then that bond between you two still exist! It doesn’t really matter if there is any scientific or spiritual evidence that supports it. If it brings you comfort and a peace of mind, then that’s all that matters.

Do Not Listen To Other People’s Opinion

I strongly encourage you to avoid listening to the opinion of others or be swayed by them. Listen to your heart and your head. Trust your instincts!

If you feel as though your husband still loves you, it is because he still does!

However, if you don’t feel like he loves you anymore, don’t feel disappointed. It is very likely that you’re going through a grieving process and your emotions are currently far from normal. Give yourself time and don’t expect any answers right away. Healing a grieving heart takes time, and there is no expiration date to it. Be patient and time will tell.

What Are Signs From A Deceased Loved One?

This is another common question that many people have asked. They would like to know if their deceased husband is able to visit them on earth.

The answer is yes, the deceased can visit us. And usually, if they visit us, it is a sign that they still miss us deeply.

You may sometimes notice an appearance of your deceased husband in your dreams or strange occurrence at home. A visitation from your husband can take many forms and here are some signs that you have been visited by your deceased husband:

Taking A Form Of An Animal

Your deceased husband can take a form of an animal. He could possibly come in a form of a butterfly or a butterfly in your house. This is one sign that your husband has come to visit you.

In my friend’s experience, she believed her husband took a form of a bird, a red Northern Cardinal to be specific. Her husband was quite a prankster in life and used to collect bottle caps as a hobby (yes, a weird hobby). One day, she saw a red bird few into her house and left a Heineken beer bottle cap on the table. And coincidentally, he only drinks Heineken beer. This led her to believe that the bird was unmistakably him.  

Dream Visitation By Deceased Husband

Dream visitation from your deceased husband could also be a possible sign that your husband misses you and would like to communicate with you. Typically, he will appear in your dream offering you some form of advice or comfort. When you husband is up in heaven, he is able to hear and see your experiences and your current situation, so don’t be too alarm if he knows too much!

Sensing His Presence

You may be able to sense your deceased husband’s presence when he is around you. It may not be a visual encounter; it could possibly just be a feeling. When he is around you, you might notice a change in energy at home or movement in the air. When you’re in your living room, you may feel as though someone is sitting by your side on the couch.

Your deceased husband may also possibly appear to you physically – however, this is not common. There must be yearning and a strong desire to see him, and then it is possible to see his physical presence.

Sensing His Touch

When you’re missing your husband, you may sense some physical contact. It could be a touch on your shoulder, a hug, a nudge, a breeze on your cheek or even stroking of your hair.

Being Able To Smell His Scent

Is there any particular scent or cologne that your husband wears? You may be able to smell his scent if he is around you. It could even be a cigarette, pipe or cigar smoke.

Unexplained Electrical Activity

It has been theorized that those on the other side uses energy to connect with us. By manipulating the energy in electrical devices (eg. Television, radio, lamp, etc.) they are able to get our attention. They usually don’t mean any harm, but could possibly just want you to know that you have been missed.

Receiving A Symbolic Message or A Sign

There can be many ways where you receive a symbolic message from your deceased husband. It might be the sudden appearance of small objects such as coins, ring, stones, that for no reason ends up on your path.

For example, you may find objects in your house (usually associated with your husband) suddenly disappear then finding them later, reappearing on your husband’s table.


The people who have passed on are always present in our lives. They will always be part of our everyday activities and will keep us company whenever we are alone or unhappy. When your deceased husband do visit you, this is a sign that he still loves you.