Does My Deceased Husband Know How Much I Miss Him?

Question: Does my deceased husband know how much I miss him?

This is a question that many have asked but most can’t find an answer. When it comes to questions about death and afterlife, a lot of people shy away from it because there isn’t much information on it.

While no one can be certain about what the afterlife is and isn’t, I believe that spirits of the afterlife operates on a higher frequency of knowledge than we can ever imagine. With that being said, I do believe that your deceased husband knows how much you miss him.

For most parts, we think that the spiritual world is high up in the heavens, far away from life on earth. However, the spiritual world and the physical world are actually intertwined together.

There are many ways you can communicate with your deceased husband, and in fact, he may even revert by sending you a messages via dream visitations.

Does My Deceased Husband Know How Much I Miss Him?

There are mainly two ways in which your deceased husband can sense that you’re missing him:

  • Your Aura
  • Your Thoughts


The way you feel at the present moment is actually reflected in the aura surrounding you. This aura gives a very clear signal to any spirit near you. This aura can also be felt by the animals living on earth; they are able sense whether you’re sad, aggressive or dangerous, etc.

If you’ve ever own a pet dog before, you’ll know exactly what I mean. The way spirits from the other world sense your energy and aura, is no different.

If you’ve been crying because of your husband’s death, he will be able to feel it and may even be able to hear you from the gates of heaven. While death is a heart-wrenching event, the last thing your husband wants is for his death to be a drag on your life. Put in the effort to work through grief, or you may want to seek a grief therapist for help.


The thoughts that you have, acts as a broadcasting system, where not only does it go to the person involved, but it is also believed that spirits who are near you, are able to read your thoughts.

So if you’re feeling depressed because you’re missing your deceased husband, he’ll know.

In this situation, you may want to keep your thoughts positive. Be happy and thankful for the memories that you’ve shared with him. While the journey for him has ended, his love for you never ends.

If you feel that you need to speak to him, you should find ways to communicate with him. Some common ways of communications are:

  • Writing letters to him
  • Speaking to him through your mind
  • Speaking to him at his resting place
  • Looking at old photos and remembering happy moments
  • Engage a Medium for spiritual communication

Is My Deceased Husband Able To See Me From Heaven?

Even after your husband has passed away, he is still able to remember everything he has gone through in life. He remembers the people he loved and the relationships he had.

This means that if he looks down from the gates of heaven, he is able to see you quite clearly. Not only will he be able to see you, he will be able to hear your thoughts and feel your inner emotions. 

However, he would have to act under the guidance of the angels in heaven. There will be boundaries and lines that he can’t cross. Occasionally, you may receive messages from him via a dream.

Many believe that any prayers you say through the departed will eventually reach heaven. This is because your husband is in close proximity to God.

During the early days of Christianity, the faithful are encouraged to share their prayers through their saints. This concept can be seen in other religions as well – Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and many others.

Will You Be With Your Husband In Heaven?

While there isn’t any evidence to back up my claim, I firmly believe that a true marriage never ends.

For many, who are happily married to their true spiritual partners on earth, their relationship only gets better from where they left off and continues on towards eternity.

The souls of a true couple are deeply united and are inseparable.

Emanuel Swedenborg, author of the book “the afterlife, Heaven and Hell” wrote:

The two of them are not even separated by the death of one, since the spirit of the deceased husband or wife continues to live with the husband or wife who is not yet deceased. This continues until the other one’s death, when they meet again, reunite, and love each other even more tenderly than before because they are in the spiritual world.

As a sad widow myself, who have had a loving and happy marriage, I can assure you that your husband is still with you in spirit. Occasionally, you will be able to feel his presence beside you. Trust me, this is not an illusion or a hallucination.

When your time on earth is up, you will then rejoin your deceased husband, again as soul mate.

The only tough part is “the wait” before rejoining your husband – to be able to get through life without his actual physical presence. You’ll need to find your reasons and motivation to carry on with life.

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