10 Affirmations For Someone Grieving (To Prevent Self Sabotage)

Affirmations For Someone Grieving

If you’re reading this post, there is a high possibility that your heart is broken. These 10 affirmations for someone grieving will help prevent self sabotage and help you through the long process of healing. 

Grief is a stressful and scary experience. At times, your life may seem to be filled with negatives or the future could be looking bleak. You can read these affirmations which will help lift your spirits, illuminate your grief journey and give you hope.

What’s My Grief Story

I lost Megan, my wife of 36 years (minus 17 days) to pneumonia on May 22nd 2020. It came on suddenly and unexpectedly. My last memory of her was a video chat where she was still in ICU, hooked up with her BiPap mask feeding her oxygen.

Megan was the purpose to my life, my only best friend, my confidant, my soulmate, and most importantly, my reason to be alive.

We used to joke about how the average life expectancy for  men were shorter than that of a woman. And she would get angry at me for even thinking about that – because she was 7 years my junior.

Ever since her death, I have been lost. It felt like I was all alone in a very dark place and it took me a whole year to accept reality. It first starts with denial then anger then depression and lastly acceptance.

The last phase of grief, which is acceptance, took me the longest – it is the hardest part of the process. What I found really helped, was to use affirmations to tackle each day as it come.

What Are Affirmations For Someone Grieving? 

Affirmations are basically sentences made up of trigger words that helps you tap into your conscious mind to help motivate and challenge you to achieve something you desire.

This technique was taught to me by a grief coach who I met online. It not only helps you with grief acceptance but it also can be applied in different areas of life.

Affirmations can be a great way to ground us in the present moment and to help us acknowledge our current situation, yet also very clearly state our intentions for how we want to accept reality and move on with our lives.

Don’t worry, you will not forget your loved one, your grief may not end but it will evolve – the intensity eventually lessens, so trust the process.

Affirmation helps us move our focus away from what we believe is lacking, to focus on what we want to move towards.

The science behind this metaphysics is that if we focus our effort on “what is lacking”, we will continue to attract the energy of lack towards us. However, if we choose to focus on what we want to achieve (rather than what’s lacking), we will attract the things we want into our consciousness.

How Does Grief Affirmations Works & When To Use it?

Affirmations are a great way to start your day with. It reminds us that we are sitting on the driver’s seat of life and not merely turning the wheel to react to life’s random circumstances. We are creators and we can choose to change our direction in life.

When you rise in the morning, start with a fresh clean slate, eager to take on the day. Set your intentions right and you’ll be able to attract positivity into your life. Use this precious time to reaffirm your goals for the day.

When you say these affirmations out loud, they become a form of prayer to our inner consciousness and the Universe. They will dissolve ruminating thoughts and replace them with loving intentions of self-fulfillment and love. 

10 Positive Affirmations For Someone Grieving 

  1. Despite my pain, the one year death anniversary of my loved ones proves that I am a survivor. Being a survivor means you are ready for any challenges in life. Come what may.
  2. Each day I will do something for myself. By focusing in self-care, it will give you the stamina to carry in this long journey of life.
  3. Down days can’t defeat me, they are an opportunity to feel even better tomorrow. Always believe that tomorrow will always be better, this will help motivate you daily.
  4. I have promises to keep to my deceased loved one. I am pretty sure if your loved one is still alive, he/she wouldn’t want to see you in this depressed state. 
  5. When I am quiet, I tap on my courage within me. As you remain quiet, you want to gather your thoughts and courage to do what is best and right for you.
  6. I am patient with my friend’s and family’s impatience with my grief. Friends and family maybe wonder why you withdraw while you grieve. Take your time and don’t rush the grieving process.
  7. Though death has shaken my world, I am not resigned to it, I am the creator of my own world. Death shakes us, but we are stronger than what we think we are.
  8. My loved one is gone, but that person is forever part of my soul. Even though our loved one is gone, the memories that we share stays with us. 
  9. Happiness is a personal choice and I choose it for the wellbeing of myself. During dark times, I am not afraid to reach out to anyone for help.  
  10. Though everyone responds to grieve in a similar fashion, nobody’s grieve is like mine – mine is unique. Always remember to slow down and take your own sweet time. Nobody should rush you out of your shell during this grieving process.

If you’re unsure which affirmations will suit you best, or would like to create your very own, always focus on these three aspects:

  • Gratefulness: Acknowledge what you have and prepare yourself for the next gift that the Universe will bring to you.
  • Abundance: Acknowledge your wealth in physical and nonphysical richness are always available for you.
  • Sufficient: Acknowledge that you are a unique and thus a perfect individual and that in itself is enough. 

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This post was submitted by Alvin McDougal.